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Why Chose Route 31 Auto Sales? Route 31 Auto Sales is dedicated to providing the ultimate automobile experience, striving to be your #1 source for all of your automotive needs. With our recent partnership with Euro Worx Automotive, Route 31 Auto Sales provides the highest quality automotive repair and service by certified mechanics and financing options for all situations. Need help with your auto loan? We can help! Need help with financing those unexpected repairs? We can help! Need help with your down payment? We can help with that too! Every vehicle touch, whether offered for sale or comes through our repair shop, receives the highest quality of care. We use high-tech diagnostic equipment to ensure every vehicle that leaves our lot is sound. Providing the highest amount of confidence when you drive off our lot. The next time you're in the market for a quality pre-owned vehicle or automotive service/repair, be sure to give Route 31 Auto Sales an opportunity to show you how your automotive experience should ALWAYS BE!

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